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The Best Picture Movie Marathon Project



If you love talking movies, you're going to love exploring this blog! The Best Picture Movie Marathon Project started as most side-hustles do: out of boredom. Stuck watching the same shows over and over again after work, my husband and I decided that, if we're gonna spend a couple hours relaxing watching TV, might as well watch something good!

In the summer of 2019, we decided to watch every movie ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. I'm talking the winners and the losers. As of 2021, that's almost 600 movies. No small feat to say the least.

Now, the Oscars started in 1929. Doing this chronologically would mean a lot of black and white movies to we decided to place all the years in a bucket and we're pulling out one year at a time, then watching the films from that year.  

We started this blog as a way to recap the films we saw, both for your entertainment and to simply remind us of what we've seen! Check out the Full Movie List to see what years we've picked already. You can also check out my Hidden Gems section for movies that didn't win Best Picture, but were still wonderful to watch.

And if you love movie trivia and Hollywood gossip as much as we do, check out the More Fun Stuff section, filled with fun movie facts, curated lists, and celebrity bios. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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